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Diplo's spent the past week or so down in South America Shooting a crazy new Bonde Do Role Music Video and performing all over the place. Only appropriate to drop this new Kassiano mixtape he made for us consisting of all the 2011 Baile Funk bangers that you may have a missed this year.

Catch Diplo performing in RIO de janeiro Tonight and at Privilege Club in Bogotá, Colombia this Friday!

Kassiano about the mix:

Baile funk aint dead its just always changing! if you've been up on baile funk music for a while this prob wont be what you expect, and if you're new to it then just chill and imagine that you are in rio going to a huge crazy ass party in the middle of nowhere with walls of speakers blasting ignorant amounts of bass while everyone from young kids to grown people are drinking whiskey/red bulls and partying and grinding to these songs until morning time! funk music always seems to do its own thing and evolve into whatever it wants. sometimes it stagnates (it did for a couple years) but now i feel like its going into a cool phase so i wanted to do a mix with some of whats bumping in brazil right now.




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From the dark and creepy depths of my hard drive I've sown together a mix of heavy originals and unreleased edits just in time for a Mad Decent Halloween podcast. ~Figure



1. Specimen A - Jaws
2  Figure - Michael Myers Is Dead
3  Figure - Boogie Man (Oblivion Remix)
4  HavocNdeeD  - Headspin (King Remix)
5  Figure - Mr Hyde
6  Figure - Werewolf (VIP)
7  Figure - Beetle Juice
8  Excision and Downlink - Existence (VIP)
9  Figure - LeatherFace
10 Figure - Vampires
11  Kanji Kinetic - Zombies
12  Figure - This Is Hallowen
13  Urban Assault - Halloween
14  GrimeHouse -The  Exorcist
15  Figure - Aliens (VIP)
16  Phaze - Doomsday
17 Tommy Lee and Figure - Pounds of Blood
18  Fast Foot feat Mc Cyanide - You're Dead (Figure Drumstep remix)
19 Figure - Boogie Man


*Hidden Track  Misfits - Halloween (Figure Moombahcore Edit)

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Diplo's guest mix on Australia's own Triplo J radio. A sensual lo fi mix for the ladies.


Rustie - After Light
Koreless - MTI
Ciara - Ride
Two Inch Punch - Love Love
Starfighter - Dumbin
Lunice - All I Need Remix
Frank Ocean- Thinking About You
Blawan - Getting Me Down
Detboi - Sanctuary of Love
hackman - close
No Ceremony - Hurtlove
Alicia Keys - Fireworks (Deadboy Slo Mo Edit)
Jai Paul - BTSTU
Gold Panda - Fifth Ave
Two Inch Punch - Love You Up.

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ZEDS DEAD, the newest addition to the Mad Decent line-up, has exploded on the scene in a big way and they've been gracious enough to put together this mixtape for our 69th MDWWR Podcast.  With only a few official releases under their belt, Toronto's ZEDS DEAD (Hooks & DC) have risen to the top of a new generation of bass music through a relentless tour schedule and America's newfound love for dubstep. ZEDS differentiate themselves from the pack with amazing bootleg remixes like "White Satin" and a super smart live show that has been smashing audiences everywhere for the past year (they got the biggest crowd reaction by far at our 2011 New York Block Party).  Their debut EP "Rumble in the Jungle" comes out on October 4th.  Preview the EP below.

ZEDS DEAD- Rumble In The Jungle/ Undah Yuh Skirt Teaser by Mad Decent

MDWWR #69 Track List:

Wiz Khalifa - Phone Numbers

Zeds Dead - Mister Sub

Feed Me - Chain Smoker

Dada Life - Happy Violence

Zeds Dead - Rumble in the Jungle

Foo Fighters - The Pretender (Zeds Dead Remix)  (Kissy Sellout Edit)

Zeds Dead - Hit Me

Zeds Dead - Oh No

Sabi - Wild Heart (Zeds Dead Remix)

Zeds Dead - Adrenaline

16 Bit - The Milkybar Kid

12th Planet - Corner Pocket

Alborosie - Kinston Town (Bassnectar Remix)

Win Win - Interleave (Kingdom Remix)

Zeds Dead - Coffee Break

Mutated Forms - Wastegash

Harvest - Blessed

Zeds Dead ft. Mavado - Undah Yuh Skirt

DJ Fresh - Starfall

Porter Robinson - 100% in the Bitch

Killabits - Oh Hai

Warren G and Nate Dogg - Regulate

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Lloyd and I throw a party in New York called "WORK". It's the first Thursday of every month at the Submercer in Soho which is really dark, literally underground, has low ceilings, red lights and a booming sound system. In other words, it's a perfect place to play house and techno records for some crazy dancers. We've been doing the party for a year now and it only gets better every month. The night usually lasts about 6 or 7 hours so I edited together some of the highlights from last month's party for this podcast. I also like to record the room so you can sorta feel like you're there!


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Moombahton ıs so mad and buzzy and wıerd and crazy . We are on ıts dıck here at mad decent. We just put out a comp of ıt. I thought ıt best to make a summer mıx for your house partıe where ı can put ıt ınto a context for all you fıne radıo subscrıbers.. Have fun. And get that que que record ı dıd wıth dıllon and maluca!!

DJ shaun d (its about to go down) (maddecent)
ludachris -the potion (gta mix)
dillon francis  - masta blasta
N2deep "last night a dj saved my life"
dj shadow - organ donor extended overhaul
Diplo & skrillex - amplifire
cassius slay - based
Heartbreak & ToddlaT - that jeffery
Dillon Francis & Diplo - Que que  (torro torro mix)
Dillon Francis & Diplo - Que que  (alvaro mix)
south rakkas crew get mad again ()
missy elliot - get your freak on (alvaro and punish bootleg)
MIA - pull up the people
MIA - galang
Adele - rolling in the deep (jammie xx / heatwave mix)
Heartbreak and Munchi - Face off
Bangles - walk like an egyptian
Beastie Boys vs Major LAzer -"dont play no games"
Breeders - cannonball
Flippa mafia -majorlazer dub
metele bellaco - (munchi mix)
La Factor - papi chulo
Shalimaresde Ahora (?)
Jwls - bashin
Gwen stefani  - hollaback girl
Diplo - Horsey
cecile ft General Degree - nananana
YYY - heads will roll (Amac edit)
Alex clair  - up all night (nadastrom mix)
Localocalo- Miguelito Crack
Time Takers - she blows (dillon francis mix)
Dj Ayres - Hip hop/ warzone
Black keys - tighten up

Dillon Francis & Diplo- Que Que Feat. Maluca on iTunes:

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Kito & Reija Lee's debut Mad Decent EP Sweet Talk got released today and in celebration Kito has sent us this hour long mix of her current favorite funky, dubstep, luvstep  etc. 
Make sure to pick up your copy of the EP here :
Kito & Reija Lee - Sweet Talk - [Mad Decent]
Skream feat. Sam Frank - Under The City Lights - [Tempa]
Canblaster - Triple Ring - [Nightshifters]
The Bug - Jah War feat. Flowdan (Loefah Remix) - [Ninja Tune]
S-X - Woooo Riddim - [Butterz]
Teeth - Shawty - [502 Records]
Jakes - Hair Nails Rent - [?]
Girl Unit - IRL (Bok Bok Remix) - [Night Slugs]
Kito & Reija Lee - LFO VIP - [No Release]
Pariah - The Slump - [R&S Records]
Spor - Pacifica - (Kito & Reija Lee Vocal Remix) - [Lifted]
Ramadanman - Glut - [Hemlock]
Kastle - Better Off Alone - [Seclusiasis] 
Emalkay - Fabrication - [Dub Police]
Robyn - Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) - [Konichiwa]
Kito & Reija Lee - This City (Asa & Koan Sound Remix) - [Mad Decent]
Kito & Reija Lee - This City - [Mad Decent]
Hyetal - Diamonds Islands - [Black Acre Records]
Lung - Afterlife (Kryptic Minds Remix) - [Kokeshi]
Youandewan - Zeal - [Disfigured Dubz]
Kahn - Just Like We Used To - [Punch Drunk]
Stimming - Melodica - [Green]
> Marcus Price & Carli - Var E Naaaken (Girl Unit Remix)- [Palms Out Sounds US]
Boddika - Soul What - [Swamp 81]
Peaches - Serpentine - [XL Recordings]
Kito & Reija Lee -  On The Jam - [Mad Decent]
Jay Weed - Prism - [502 recordings]
MJ Cole & Wiley - From The Drop - [Prolific Recordings]
Zed Bias - Heaven Sent - [Swamp 81]
Dillon Francis - Westside - [Mad Decent]
Kito & Reija Lee - Broken Hearts (Dillon Francis Remix) - [Mad Decent]
Kito & Reija Lee - Broken Hearts - [Mad Decent]
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lots of buzz on juke at the moment. havin a bit of avant garde wierdness and UK releases on planet Mu.. cool raw stuff.. but it doesnt get much rawer thatn JIT/ getto tech.. its bigger bro from detroit.. its been a sound that has developed from the old techno days and has been driven pretty far underground for years.. u might know dj assault and his wierd vocals and breakbeat tracks.. but this scene is still thriving and godfather is just that... a sort of gofather of the scene . hes been keeping it alive on Detriot radio for years and lets us know with this new mix that its still goin hard..




1. Scooby Snacks- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
2. Drop That Thang Down- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
3. If u ain't jukin'- DJ Spin- Juke Trax 
4. A Legend- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
5. Shake That Juicy Shit (Andrew Red Hand Remix)- Sixfoe- Databass Records 
6. Get down on the floor- DJ Rashad- Juke Trax 
7. Days Of 92'- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
8. Bang, Bang- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
9. I.O.U. Jit- DJ Guy- Global Fire 
10. Wild Wild Get Buck- DJ Rashad- Juke Trax 
11. Sounds Of The City- DJ Nasty- Motor City Electro Company 
12. When I Hit- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
13. Get Freaky- Mister Ries- Databass Records 
14. Makin' Me Hot- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
15. Get Like Me (DJ Clent's West Bound I-94 Mix)- DJ Knowledge- Databass Records 
16. Take It Off- Typhonic- Databass Records 
17. Lay It Down- DJ Nephets- Databass Records 
18. Enjoy The Moment (DJ Godfather Remix)- 609 (Six-O-Nine)- Databass Records 
19. Booty Mover- DJ Deeon- Databass Records 
20. Databass L.I.V.E.- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
21. Make That Back Drop (Feat. DJ Slugo)- Kill Frenzy- Juke Trax 
22. Bounce N' Break- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
23. DO THE DAM THANG- Sixfoe- Databass Records 
24. Suck Da Blood Feat. DJ Rashad- Lil Mz 313- Databass Records 
25. Gotta Work- Typhonic- Databass Records 
26. Girls Bust Down- DJ Rashad- Juke Trax 
27. Jaws- DJ X-Change- Databass Records 
28. Buggin On Da Flo (Part2)- DJ Phiene- Databass Records 
29. The Alpha- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
30. Sittin' Pretty- DUB- Six Foe- Databass Records 
33. Decreased Population- DJ Godfather- Databass Records


Hit up to grab all the tracks listed in this mix and you can get ahold of Godfather direct at .

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