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To coincide with Blow Your Head Vol 1. -  Dubstep, we've got a brand new Diplo mix. Featuring tons of new releases / exclusives and some of the dirtiest tracks out and some of the featured artists from the CD. This mix is just a nice 45 minutes to sit in the forest and watch the leaves turn orange in October.



1 Girl Unit - Wut

2 Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Boregore Remix)

3 Claire Mcguire - Aint No Body(Breakage Remix)

4 Ryan Red - D.I.R.T.

5 Blue Foundation - Eye On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)

6 Earz Experiment and DJ Kayper - Engine

7 Diplo FT. Lil Jon - U Don't Like Me

8 Rusko-Cockny Thug (Caspa Remix VIP)

9 Skream - Raw Dogz

10 Dr P - Big Boss

11 DJ Fresh - Gold Dust(Flux Pavillion Remix)

12 12th Planet - Reasons (Dr P Mix)

13 Ginz and Joker - Re-Up

14 Borgore - Guided Relaxation

15 Bar 9 - Piano Tune

16 Crystal Method - Sine Language (Datsik Remix)

17 DZ and Cokee - Crack VIP

18 Trey Songs- Bottoms Up Acca

19 Alix Perez - Untitled

20 Goth Trad - Smokin' Water

21 Orbatak - NRG

22 Skream - Love The Way

23 Skrillex- Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites

24 Milanese - the END  (Untold Remix)

25 Jamie Woon - Night Air (Ramadanman Remix)


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Happy Halloween from DJA and the whole crew at Mad Decent!

This is a mix of scary industrial music to get you in the mood for ghost runs and the halloween dance at school.  Its not meant to be a best of or anything like that, just a mix of solid scary music recorded by dudes with one guitar, a drum machine, and a lot of black clothing.  Turn it up and go pumpkin smashing!

thanks dudes!


Skinny Puppy - Choralone (Intro)
Razed In Black - Overflow
In Penetration - Controlled Bleeding
NIN - Wish
Birmingham 6 - Policestate (Mutual Blade)
Razed In Black - Whats Fair? (Regulacion) [Agony Remix]
1000 Homo DJs - Supernaut
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
Front 242 - Headhunter
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult - Kooler Than Jesus
Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween
Ministry - Flashback
Galan Pixs - Anuschka Corazon
NIN - Dead Souls (Joy Division Cover)
Pygmy Children - Intensity
Hanzel und Gretyl - Pleiadian Agenda
Penal Colony - Thirs Life [Jlab Radio Edit] [Time Center Remix]
Klute - Desert Storm (remix)
Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers & Queers
Skinny Puppy - Worlock
Skinny Puppy - Addiction (KMFDM Remix)
Rammstein - Rammstein
DJA - Beauitful People Party Break (Bonus Track)

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A psychedelic  journey into the mind of Mad Decent. A dream inside a dream inside a dream without Leonardo Dicaprio.



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Mumdance's Different Circles mixtape is a mission statement confirming his kaleidoscopic tastes. With 17 original productions spanning ethnic tinged drunk funk woven into 1980's synth-pop, Balearic-tinged minimal techno, Baltimore gutter colliding with calypso, tribal guarachero & his very own home grown genre, 'kerplunk' 
Collated as a pre cursor to his Forthcoming "Mum Decent EP on Mad Decent (Released August 23rd) as well as showcasing a host of other releases on Trouble & Bass, No Hats No Hoods & Big Dada, this is a definitive guide to whats next.
Featuring Vocals from Esser, Trim, Jammer, Mc Sparks & Kie, Badness & Boy Better Know, as well as collaborations with Drums of Death, Shortstuff & Brackles, Toy Selectah & AC Slater

This is a live dj show I did in chernobyl,RU during my tour of russia. Just some things i'm feeling, not too underground but its mad real son, filled with major lazer exclusivezzzz  ~ Diplo

You can go subscribe to the podcast or download without doing so.... HERE!

KIGL - major lazer
pon the floor RAZZ & BIGGY mix
deh style deh - busy signal major lazer dubplate
hold yuh - gyptian (major lazer mix)
hold on - rusko (tom steven mix)
ride - rihanna (diplo edit)
one - s.h.mafia
freak - estelle (kaio mix)
rudeboy - giani mariano mix/dj tameil mix
on to the next one - jay z (lbl mix)
teach me how to dougie - cali swag district
good enough- major lazer
say it aint so- weezer/cash flow mix (lobster edit)
how lo- ludacris (caspa mix)(diplo bookashade edit)
show out - roscoe dash (h&v mix)
dancehall queen - robyn (stenchman and diplo mix)
swagga - excision (downlink mix)

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Mad Decent Worldwide Radio #59 - Salad Days

'Photo by Sexy Fitsum/iLLIMETER'


"Salad Days" is a hardcore punk mix that Nadastrom and DJ Stereofaith pieced together. Having been raised by the DC punk and hardcore scenes in the late 80s and 90s, they give a nod to their musical roots and continue to refer to the DIY ethos as working DJs and producers. The "Salad Days" mixtape is a celebration of the energy and passion of punk and hardcore music. 

His Hero Is Gone - Like WeedsBad Brains - Don't Need It

The Damned - Stab Your Back
Dag Nasty - Can I Say
7 Seconds - Clenched Fists Black Eyes
Dead Kennedys - California Uber Alles
Project X - Dancefloor Justice
Misfits - Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
Descendents - SUburban Home/All
Blitz - Someone's Gonna Die Tonight
Cock Sparrer - Where Are They Now?
Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster 
The Clash - White Riot
Nation Of Ulysses - Shakedown
Hoover - Regular Watts
Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train To Vegas
Refused - Tannhauser Derive
Minor Threat - Salad Days
Sid Vicious - My Way
Infest - Where's The Unity?
Dead Boys - Sonic Reducer
Circle Jerks - Red Tape
Government Issue - I'm James Dean
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Mad Decent Worldwide Radio #58 - Me So Corny

Laugh Factory is comprised of two Chicago DJs - DJ Autobot (of Flosstradamus) and Willy Joy. They like jokes! And sometimes music. This project came out of a shared love of laughter, friendship and dick jokes. It invites all listeners to sit back, and ask one of life's timeless questions: "Why so seriousssssssss?"

Watch out for the Laugh Factory remixes to be released for download soon! In the meantime, holler at Autobot ( and Willy (, and tell them a joke!


The Wizard Of Gaz - Wizard's Horns
Ludachrist - MARTA Girl
DJ Excel - That's What A Pimp Does (Obama Remix)
Raffi - Bananaphone (Laugh Factory Remix)
Mike 2600 - Werewolf Barmitzvah
Laugh Factory - Doo Doo Doo Doo
Laugh Factory - Riverdale
Laugh Factory - Home Impondefloor
Laugh Factory - You Would Rather Potty
The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants
Longfellow - This Is Penis
Top Billin - Smell Yo Dick
Titty Hole Gang - Penis Delight
Eddie Murphy - Boogie In Your Butt
The Lonely Island - Bing Bong Brothers
Cam'ron - Bottom Of The Pussy Hole
Paul Wall & Dogg Pound - Make Dat Pussy Talk
Soulja Boy - Crank Dat (Meow Mix)
Laugh Factory - Laffy Raffi
Hot Stylz ft. Yung Joc - Lookin Boy
Laugh Factory - Where's My Cookie

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Mad Decent Worldwide Radio #57 - Luvstep

We live in a cynical world, and we work in a business of tough competitors, so what's in a wobble? You don't have to be a smart man to know what love is. <3STEP completes you and is programmed for pleasure. It's music for starry nights and candle light...slow wine and grind time. Dirty South Joe and Flufftronix are your captains for this maiden voyage into the heart of the boom's cosmic bosom. It's amazing, the love inside. You take it with you. 

Seclusiasis' Street Bass champion, Starkey, is your stateside tour guide. His words provide the genre's genesis, from its foundation to the unencumbered imagination celebrated in it's furthest exploration. His further musics and musings on the subject can be found on his monthly show at .
It's heavy, it's heady and it FEELS GOOD. It's <3STEP.

Art Of Noise - Moments In Love (Caspa Remix)
M83 - We Own The Sky (Udachi Remix)
Subscape - Nothings Wrong
Deadmau5 - I Remember (Caspa Remix)
Jupiter One - Find Me A Place (Rx Remix)
Stenchman - The Number One
Yael Naim - Toxic (16Bit Remix)
Starkey - Miracles
Little Dragon - Twice (16Bit Remix)
Mala - Alicia
Booty Luv - Say It (Nero Remix)
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed (Jakwob Remix)
Attacca Pesante ft. Shea Soul - Make It Funky For Me (Rusko Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco - Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
Little Jinder - Youthblood (12th Planet & Finch Remix)
2000F & J Kamata - You Don't Know What Love Is
Passion Pit - The Reeling (Flufftronix Remix)
Turboweekend - Something Or Nothing (2000F & J Kamata Remix)
Chromeo - Night By Night (Skream Remix)
Cosmic Revenge - Late Nights
Rusko - Love Is Real
Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love (XX Remix)
Boxcutter - Foxy
Joy Orbison - Hyph Mngo

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Mad Decent Worldwide Radio #56 - A Conversation With Rusko

Mad Decent Worldwide Radio #56 - A Conversation With Rusko


Check this podcast for an in-depth conversation with Rusko, touching on subjects from his upcoming OMG album (due on Mad Decent in early May), to the origins of dubstep, to how he got started in music, to his favorite things about America, to his top songs of 2009 and more!

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