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mad decent worldwide radio #53 - Reggae Champion - David Rodigan HELLO UNIVERSE! Another day, another podcast. Recently we were in London with Major Lazer, and Diplo took the opportunity to interview BBC presenter and sound system operator Sir David 'Ramjam' Rodigan. Many of you must be like 'WHO!?' but in reggae dancehall circles, this man is a living legend. You see, the reggae dancehall arena is ruled by selectors and sound systems, and the mighty David Rodigan has been holding his own for more than thirty years. To paraphrase, back in the 60s it was about 'records, football and girls' when he first started going down to Jamaica. With his onstage antics and captivating story telling, he is as much a staple of dancehall culture as the music he plays. And make no mistake, this isn't any bland marketing gimmick - the man full up ah CHUNE, and still can kill sound and buss dance. So widout further ado, we bring to you, from waaay out inna inglan, Daaavid Rodigaaan....
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thanks to everyone that helped put this together,
Duey FM, Shane, Seth, Minka, Nakil, Alex, Kelly and the crew.
Great Job People*
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