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ok so this is a short one, but I don't think there could possibly be a better overview of the Mad Decent 'Texas Niteclub' party that went down in Austin the other week.  We've got a whole other SXSW video thing that will be on the blog shortly - til then enjoy this amazing video care of Duey FM. Special thanks to Alex and Miguel!
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this mix is great!!  It has cumbia on it!! Paul Devro made it!!  Paul Devro was handing these out at SXSW hopefully you got one!!  Urb Magazine thanks!  cumbia thanks! Paul Devro - thanks for making the mix, no thanks for not sending any text.

whats the tracklist? your guess is as good as mine!

shout out to toy selectah! mad decent 2009!

double L & LP of G13 Sound Int’l
 tracklist :
 1. bunji garlin- clear d’ road (TnT)
 2. fayann lyons- meet super blue (TnT)
 3. machel montano hd- won’t stop (TnT)
 4. patrice roberts f/ machel montano hd- simply everything (TnT)
 5. patrice roberts- sway in d’ mas (TnT)
 6. machel montano hd- ravin’ (TnT)
 7. machel montano hd- wild antz (precision road mix) (TnT)
 8. taxik f/ claudette peters- bring it on (ANU)
 9. destra garcia- bacchanal (TnT)
 10. skinny fabulous- head bad (SVG)
 11. nnika francis f/ fayann lyons- getting’ on wild (GND/TnT)
 12. roy cape all stars f/ blaxx- tusty (TnT)
 13. ricky t- wheel and come again (SLU)
 14. shurwayne winchester & y.o.u.- you (energy) (TnT)
 15. kes the band- we own (TnT)
 16. krosfyah f/ edwin yearwood- we on d’ way (handle yuh bizness) (BIM)
 17. roy cape all stars f/ olatunji yearwood- wajang (TnT)
 18. d’landlord- find me dey (dijital road mix) (SVG)
 19. triple kay band- colours (Dominica)
 20. kmc- i will (TnT)
 21. nu vybes band- everybody lose it (SKN)
 22. ricky t- ole (up in d’ air) (SLU)
 23. skinny fabulous- get on bad (SVG)
 24. machel montano hd f/ pitbull & lil jon- floor on fire (TnT/USA)

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