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MAD DECENT WORLD WIDE RADIO #55 - KAPTAIN CADILLAC - Mise å Mort Vous-Même Special for Halloween, The saga continues with Kill Yourself Vol 4! A spooky-Jukey megamix sure to bloody up any party...

Mixed by KAPTAIN CADILLAC from the Paris Booty Call crew!

01 - Intro
02 - Leatherface - The Buzz is Back
03 - Gantman - Footworkin Orchestra
04 - DJ Roc - Bitch Im Raw
05 - DJ D-Block - Killah
06 - DJ Slugo - Gone Juke
07 - DJ D-Block - Pop Dat Thang
08 - DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Halloween
09 - DJ Remi - Get Down On The Ground
10 - Traxman - Pacman 
11 - DJ Pierre - Pump Them Things
12 - Leaterface - Who Da Boss
13 - Leatherface - Make Crack Like This
14 - DJ Solo - Girl Bend That Back
15 - DJ Rashad - Maniak 
16 - DJ T-Why - 5 4 3 2
17 - DJ Diamond - Gang Bangz
18 - Leatheface - Pow Wow
19 - Mister Ries - Psycho 
20 - DJ Rashad - Back Dat Azz Up (XXXclusiv)
21 - DJ MC - Crazy Shit 
22 - DJ Clent - Bounce To The Beat 
23 - DJ Hilti - Like A Fuckin Supastar
24 - DJ Slugo - Where The Rats 3
25 - DJ Roc - Lets Get It Started
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mad decent worldwide radio #54 - Diplo in China 4 years ago
i was invited to the first diesel launch in china..
it was a shop in shanghai
they put a mad poster all along the wall of a communist hall that was rented out special for the event
midway through the set before mine
the glass plating that connected the Dj booth slong the stairs shattered
it was wierd and crazy
all the time there were red guard chinese soldiers along the dancefloor
and models drinking champagn
i dont remember any of the music i played except that it was all vinyl .. and about 4 cds i burned with stuff I had to play that i couldnt find on vinyl..
they gave me this CD of the recording last week when I was back in shanghai. .. i was afraid to listen to it.. but it wasnt half bad..
check it out
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mad decent worldwide radio #53 - Reggae Champion - David Rodigan HELLO UNIVERSE! Another day, another podcast. Recently we were in London with Major Lazer, and Diplo took the opportunity to interview BBC presenter and sound system operator Sir David 'Ramjam' Rodigan. Many of you must be like 'WHO!?' but in reggae dancehall circles, this man is a living legend. You see, the reggae dancehall arena is ruled by selectors and sound systems, and the mighty David Rodigan has been holding his own for more than thirty years. To paraphrase, back in the 60s it was about 'records, football and girls' when he first started going down to Jamaica. With his onstage antics and captivating story telling, he is as much a staple of dancehall culture as the music he plays. And make no mistake, this isn't any bland marketing gimmick - the man full up ah CHUNE, and still can kill sound and buss dance. So widout further ado, we bring to you, from waaay out inna inglan, Daaavid Rodigaaan....
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Mad Decent Block Party 2009


Sammy Slice
Dirty South Joe
DJ Tameil
Tim Dolla
Mike V
DJ Sega
Paul Devro
Bosco Delrey
Toadally Krossed Out
Skerrit Bwoy
Major Lazer

thanks to everyone that helped put this together,
Duey FM, Shane, Seth, Minka, Nakil, Alex, Kelly and the crew.
Great Job People*
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we know this is kinda already all over the place, but this is an expanded version and we wanted it to be up permanently here for our subscribers.  this is the diplo major lazer essential mix - favs from the past and present, including a lot of influences on major lazer - classic cuts, rare dubs, unreleased mixes and more.

this is all the inforation we received:

Major Lazer intrusted Diplo to blend together all of his wartime songs.  These are th choice tunes that he listened to during  the Narcisse Zombie War of '84, the Possesed Pelican Crisis of '02 and current classified situation happening in        ...    {transmission lost)

Shut Up And Dance ‘Ravin I’m Ravin’
Barrington Levy ‘Reggae Music Dub’
Barrington Levy ‘Send A Moses’
Alton Ellis ‘Africa Descendants’
Burning Spear ‘Live It Out’
Artibella ‘Unknown’
Toyan ‘African Thing’
John Holt ‘100 Weight Of Collie Weed’
Barrington Levy ‘Murderer’
John Holt ‘Police In Helicopter’
Clint Eastwood & General Saint ‘Another One Bites The Dust’
Yello Man ‘Mr Chin!’
Unknown ‘Sweet Dreams’
Don Carlos ‘Ababa John I (Father Majesty)’
Johnny Osbourne ‘No Ice Cream Sound’
Admiral Bailey ‘Big Belly Man’
Wayne Smith ‘Under Me Sleng Teng’
Bruk Up ft. Shaggy ‘Sunglasses At Night’
Ricky Blaze ‘How Mi Look’
Martyn ‘Seventy Four’
Black Eyed Peas ‘Boom Boom Pow’
Seductive ‘Underground Sound’
Major Lazer ‘Jump Up’
Party Quad ‘Pull Up’
Digital Manges ‘Manges (Sharkslayer Club)’
Major Lazer ‘Pon Di Floor Beatacue Mix’
Major Lazer ‘Pon Di Floor’
Nirvana ‘Lithium’
Wamdue Project ‘King Of My Castle’
LBG ‘Don’t Stop The Music’
Solid Groove ‘This Is Sick’
Mavado ‘Weh Dem A Do’
Dandy Livingstone ‘Rudy, A Message To You’
Unknown ‘Unknown’
Unknown ‘Unknown’
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our dudes Rico Uno and Erik Devereux have a new Wednesday night in Vancouver called Re-Up at this is the 2nd mix to promote it.  definitely on extended play in the mad decent offices and ipods. heres rico for more info:
Me and Erik Devereux put this together for our weekly back room party in Vancouver called Re-Up (hosted by M!G!H!).
It's a back room/ back alley / blackout drunk kinda night where we play only new school club rap and dancehall.

The start of this mix is dedicated to that new black boy white boy type stuff coming out, super fun stuff and we love it.


1. Lil’ Jon Intro
2. F.L.Y – Swag Surfin’
3. Rich Kids & Young Dro – Patna Dem
4. Kirby Tha Hottest – White Friends
5. Rich Kids – Wassup
6. Yung LA feat. Young Dro – Let’s Have Party
7. Travis Porter – Black Boy White Boy
8. Hurricane Chris – She’s Fine (Halle Berry)
9. V.I.C. – I Love Hoes
10. Juney Boomdata – Assume Da Position
11. SupaSTAAR – Head & Shoulders Accapella
12. The Queenz Boyz – Tenderoni
13. Mouse On Tha Track – Rubbin’ On My Head
14. Payso – Top Tranzformin’
15. Wayne Wonder – It’s Life (Ole Geezer)
16. Tifa & Natalie Storm – Talk Of The Town (Ole Geezer)
17. Mr. Vegas – Born Celebrity
18. Taranchyla feat. Yellow Spider– Cyan Dance
19. Elephant Man – Nuh Linga (Look Gal)
20. Assassin – Dem Nuh Want No Gal (Look Gal)
21. Sizzla – Gal Dem Sittin’ (Disturbia)
22. Capleton – Follow Mi (Disturbia)
23. Busy Signal – The Ol’ Chair
24. DJ Webstar – Dancin’ On Me
25. D-Lo feat. E-40 – No Hoe Remix
26. Ron Browz – I Promise
27. New Boyz – You’re a Jerk
28. Ward 21 & Timberlee – Give It Up

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new podcast from system d-128 featuring DJ Sega, Jhi Ali, Dancing Kangaroos, Room 23, Major Lazer, Toadally Krossed Out, North Philly Shit.  One of the best!
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ok so this is a short one, but I don't think there could possibly be a better overview of the Mad Decent 'Texas Niteclub' party that went down in Austin the other week.  We've got a whole other SXSW video thing that will be on the blog shortly - til then enjoy this amazing video care of Duey FM. Special thanks to Alex and Miguel!
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this mix is great!!  It has cumbia on it!! Paul Devro made it!!  Paul Devro was handing these out at SXSW hopefully you got one!!  Urb Magazine thanks!  cumbia thanks! Paul Devro - thanks for making the mix, no thanks for not sending any text.

whats the tracklist? your guess is as good as mine!

shout out to toy selectah! mad decent 2009!

double L & LP of G13 Sound Int’l
 tracklist :
 1. bunji garlin- clear d’ road (TnT)
 2. fayann lyons- meet super blue (TnT)
 3. machel montano hd- won’t stop (TnT)
 4. patrice roberts f/ machel montano hd- simply everything (TnT)
 5. patrice roberts- sway in d’ mas (TnT)
 6. machel montano hd- ravin’ (TnT)
 7. machel montano hd- wild antz (precision road mix) (TnT)
 8. taxik f/ claudette peters- bring it on (ANU)
 9. destra garcia- bacchanal (TnT)
 10. skinny fabulous- head bad (SVG)
 11. nnika francis f/ fayann lyons- getting’ on wild (GND/TnT)
 12. roy cape all stars f/ blaxx- tusty (TnT)
 13. ricky t- wheel and come again (SLU)
 14. shurwayne winchester & y.o.u.- you (energy) (TnT)
 15. kes the band- we own (TnT)
 16. krosfyah f/ edwin yearwood- we on d’ way (handle yuh bizness) (BIM)
 17. roy cape all stars f/ olatunji yearwood- wajang (TnT)
 18. d’landlord- find me dey (dijital road mix) (SVG)
 19. triple kay band- colours (Dominica)
 20. kmc- i will (TnT)
 21. nu vybes band- everybody lose it (SKN)
 22. ricky t- ole (up in d’ air) (SLU)
 23. skinny fabulous- get on bad (SVG)
 24. machel montano hd f/ pitbull & lil jon- floor on fire (TnT/USA)

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FRIDAY THE 13TH - WORD TO D-128 !!!!
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president obama was inaugurated today, so we're celebrating with a mix from our dudes federation sound

kenny meez and federation are biggest sound in the northeast and this is our intro to 2009.

reggae is back and gonna take over this year!

1. mad decent intro-federation sound
2. no sound like we (dubplate)-flippa mafia
3. bubble like soup (dubplate)-timberlee
4. sweep da floor (remix)-elephant man
5. got money/get money (remix)-mavado,vybz kartel
6. million by morning (remix)-vybz kartel
7. winner (remix)-konshens
8. life nice (remix)-vybz kartel
9. fallen soldiers (remix)-demarco
10. god nah sleep (remix)-demarco
11. sort dem out (remix)-demarco
12. unknown number (remix)-busy signal
13. lodge (dubplate)-bounty killer
14. gunny gunny-timberlee
15. no stress (dubplate)-timberlee
16. dead over you (dubplate)-natalie storm
17. crawny sound (dubplate)-tifa
18. back door delivery-timberlee
19. talk of town-tifa&natalie storm
20. look so hot-beenie man
21. its life-wayne wonder
22. overcome (remix)-mavado featuring martin luther king jr
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d-128 2009 !!!! step off the frank-furter
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