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MDWWR #82 Drankenstein Lace & Lean 2: The Afterlife

Well, Bird Peterson had another one left in him. After killing the dirty south monster known simply as Drankenstein, Mr. Peterson went to heaven to see what he was up to. As it turns out, Drankenstein was burning in the darkest depths of hell. And by burning, I mean setting the young devils and devilettes hearts a flutter with a brand new collection of simultaneous forward and backward time machine treats. Here's round two of his acclaimed "Lace & Lean" edition. Enjoy!

Down To Love You Down
Uncle Kels & Them Club Freaks
Much Much Closer
If This Boat's Rockin...
Tell'm Girl
Freak Mo Betta'
How Do They Do That?
Busted For Realsies (A Tribute To The Greatest Song Ever Recorded)

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