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Diplo's spent the past week or so down in South America Shooting a crazy new Bonde Do Role Music Video and performing all over the place. Only appropriate to drop this new Kassiano mixtape he made for us consisting of all the 2011 Baile Funk bangers that you may have a missed this year.

Catch Diplo performing in RIO de janeiro Tonight and at Privilege Club in Bogotá, Colombia this Friday!

Kassiano about the mix:

Baile funk aint dead its just always changing! if you've been up on baile funk music for a while this prob wont be what you expect, and if you're new to it then just chill and imagine that you are in rio going to a huge crazy ass party in the middle of nowhere with walls of speakers blasting ignorant amounts of bass while everyone from young kids to grown people are drinking whiskey/red bulls and partying and grinding to these songs until morning time! funk music always seems to do its own thing and evolve into whatever it wants. sometimes it stagnates (it did for a couple years) but now i feel like its going into a cool phase so i wanted to do a mix with some of whats bumping in brazil right now.




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