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mad decent worldwide radio # 8 - back in the day (in the favela) Pitbull sound is one of the premier funk carioca dj crews in Rio..
up there with Big mix, furacao 2000, Pipos... and even Soul grand prix way back when they played soul still at baile funks .. Sany played a party I put together in Prazeres.. its a favela high up near corcovado (where the big jesus from micheal jacksons video stays at!)  its probably the highest favela in all of Brazil. If you know my podcast ,, you probably know the drill with Brazillian funk music..
The sounds range from vocal melody, syncopated portugese rhymes.. 5 or 6 extremely overused Samples (pavorati organ hits, rocky theme (chopped to hell), old school miami bass vocal stabs, Dire straghts ìbrother at armsî shows up all the time, Euro techno samples.. and most importantly samba drums (tamberzao, batidao) patterned in an electro rhythm...melody is missing, and repetition is the key..  Dj style is similliar to a dancehall sound in Jamaica.. lyrics are blended by many artists over the same rhythm.. the tempo never changes..... the sound is kinda blowing up worldwide..
    But it started somewhere... (that what this special edition is about!) miami bass gave birth to this strange baby in brazil,  And the Djís ruled the streets, and built the culture between freestyle, bass, house music and
samba in the early 90ís
   Sany did a special mix for mad decent to launch his own carioca funk clube website and podcast ... YOU never hear carioca Djs put it down like this .. Sany had to dig out his actual turntables for this! they stay on the cdj 100 down there!
ITS rio funk party sound track circa 1990..  the first time kids were rapping in portugese over the funk beats.... he puts it out there .. the classics (you got to start with SPRING LOVE!) The musical history told here reflects the first phase of funk, turning from the international influences to a brazilian party, from a inside DJ point of view (don't expect sweet famous standarts, but the rare original dirty PARTY BOOSTERS that made the trick from gringo to ghetto)
you can still catch Sany in Rio 5 nights a week in the clubs and favela bailes. / ITS CRAZY

††††for RIO parties and European dates

01-various - megamix gringo oldskool,
02-various - brazilian oldskool medley,
03-sampa crew - melÙ da professora,
04-carlos alberto e adilson ribeiro - melÙ do coelhinho,
05-2live crew/abdulah - melÙ da mulher feia,
06-bardeux/willian e duda - rap da morena,
07-disco rick - funk mama,
08-danda e tafarel - rap do festival,
09-marlboro medley (tamborz„o remix)

Thanks Sany and Pitti....

Angola expats next.....   ( I see you petty! )
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