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mad decent worldwide radio # 7 - paris is burned hey hey . mad podcasts coming up..sorry for the delay.. but got my laptop jacked in sao pualo by varig airlines ... and since france whooped their asses in world cup , I thought id go there to see whatís good. and it turns out to be a lot of stuff.   Paris has the nuttiest underground for club music.... no filler or poppy stuff. just dirty nasty disco with a hip hop sensibility, and its hurting us.  Ed Banger records is one lable (shout out to TTC, institubes, arcade mode, clark mag etc...) cause its all goin down,, but i thought Id big up one of my favorite places to play records and let them tell t how it is.. shout out to uffie and feadz (gradmaster feadz guest dj for this one), And Busy P (pedro winter) lays down how it all got this crazy.

dont know the tracklistin but its all ed bangerness
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