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mad decent worldwide radio # 6 - 4 day weekend happiness mix Thanks for all the good now that lost is over im gonna start to lock down these motherfuckin podcasts like what .. up coming we got the Paris edition that explains what the f**k is happenin there!!!>!??!?! justice, TTC, uffie, mehdi,... huh Arcade mode, ed banger!>!>!>! its just too mad.
we got the most gangster Cumbia ever out of north side of argentina (gaugito gil I see you homie), M.I.A live in Trinidad.. whoa! and then some other crazy stuff..
im just busy right now trying to whoop this MAD DECENT tour up into shape - 25 dates all over the USA this summer..................
so this is it . I fell off and made this super random mix that just is completely a mess. it has the most fascinating music ive heard in the last couple months.. just for being so out of place from aboriginal middleschool hip hop , to ëdo the Frog Backí from Jamaica.... and also featuring uffie and hot chip and ali G (for no good reason)
next episode will be official
backandji boys - down river
Dear Nora & Casiotone For The Painfully Alone- hot boyz
uffie - pop the glock (sebastien mix)
Sofisticated riddim
 Vybz - rich rich rich
 Busy Signal - no good solution
Cool Chris and Marvin - frog back (frog dutty wind)
Cassie - me & U inst
macka - mr teki back accapella
Hot Chip - Kids with guns remix
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