Mad Decent Worldwide Radio
mad decent worldwide radio # 5 - new orleans aint dead, its just got a limp Theres not  place in America more strange than New Orleans, Louisiana, If it was mad before the storm but now its just plane insane.. but in a good way.  if you travel here from the outside, its gonna seem like  whole nother country.
And as far as music goes (in case you didnt know) . . the mississippi delta is the birthplace of most types of modern american music.  Hip hop mighta been born in the bronx, but then it was reinvented in New Orleans.. the krunk we get today playlisted all over the country might have Atlanta in a headlock, but the blueprint was laid out in New Orleans.. Its origins are in bounce music and its still there; its actually having a rejuvenation since there little more to look forward to besides dancing these days.
anyway i never felt more affection for an city like I got it for new orleans, and even though some parts still looks like a nuclear bomb got dropped, its got all the character that you can expect with a city so rich in culture and history
partners in crime - block party
da sha ra - bootin up
dj jubilee - monkey on the stick
triggerman - drag rap
chris gotti - cut it up
5th ward weebie - f**k katrina
mary j blige - without you (new orleans remix)
toni braxton - please (remix)
tpain - im in love with a stripper (remix)
dj jimmy - where they at girl
hot boy ronald - walk like ronald
rebirth brass band ft souljah slim - you dont want to go to war