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mad decent worldwide radio # 4 - easter jelly bean mix tonight imma trabalho in prazeres here in Rio de jeniero.
 and here is my little mix i made before I go.. i might not  make it home! - no its not that serious.. but we are filming a mad party tonight that i sponsored with sany from pitbull sound .. i am on a bill with mr, catra, sapao, duda, and deie tigrona no doubt.
playin music in a favela aint easy.. (eespecially as a gringo) its like a real different language even if you know the funk hits the music kids like out there aint your average radio tracks,  lots of ìillegalî tracks must get played or your gonna get the gong show....
anyway. next week some more special s**t..
this week we got exclusives and an interview with the one and only MC gringo. Heís now jumpin the charts here in rio with a wierd ode to the way gringos and crackers from elsewhere dance to the brazillian music.. (or any music i think)
christina millan/ young jeezy - say I
e -40/ m.i.a. - tell me when to go
c.s.s. - jay-lo
gnarles barkley - crazy
smash riddim (ele, tonto maryjuana, turbulence, busy, etc.)
sneez riddim - vybz, busy.....
teddy bears - diplo remix
nossa - this s**t is bananas
hassan - pump up the party dub
mc gringo - danca do gringo
sebastien tellier - la ritournelle (metronomy mix)
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