Mad Decent Worldwide Radio
Live from Petropolis via Puerto Rico, Luanda and Curitiba
hey hey.. this is number two . sorry . we gonna try and be quicker but its crazy here in Rio.. guns go missing and police go to war with poor people and then i get kicked out of my apt and i got no internet access..  but heres a random mix. next week live from argentina cumbia scene (who knows whats good there) this one has some exlusives ..... pay attention
(thanks to dj sandrino, dj edgar, man recordings, catchdubs, dj gorky, lovefoxxx, counterfeet recordings, mr. catra, radioclit, interscope records, dj benzi and nossa)

demon - i need a gun (day room philly)
yyy gold lion (mad decent remix)
leftside and esco - tuck in ya belly
young jeezy trap star
calle 13 - japon
plan b - freakitona
ojalai - calle 13 and some other important dude
dj nkufa - brinca dera
lovefoxxx break 1
dj? - garina tarracha
luanda blast - o puro kudru de
dj znobia - wakimono
soca24 - thelma
eduk - funkeiroblu
dj sandrino - melo do nirvana
edgar - melo do dlite
bonde do role - role theme
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