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mad decent worldwide radio #29 - Boy 8-Bit 'Suspense Is Killing Me' As you probably know, my first E.P. 'Suspense Is Killing Me' for Mad Decent has been released. You may have heard the title track in Diplo's Turtles mix from last year - and its finally available for purchase! The E.P. also contains 2 other club influenced tracks in 'The Cricket Scores' and 'Bulbs Burn Out' and an awesome remix of 'Suspense' by Drop The Lime.

To celebrate the release I have done a little mix for Mad Decent radio... Its a little selection of my current favourite tracks and influences all mashed together, From old computer game music, poppy stuff like LadyHawke to the hard electro stuff like The Proxy (Who's current tunes 'Dance in Dark' and Raven are the biggest tunes around!!) Techier stuff like Stephan Bodzin, through Popof, Bumpy Bmore kick drums and loops (DJ Sega and Say Wut). Melodic stuff (Oxia) through to friends and crew (Fake Blood, Crookers) and tracks that are just awesome (Focker)

Anyway, I've only used elements of certain tracks in this mix, but all of them are worth tracking down and listening to. I really wanted to use the horns in the Say Wut thing, but I had real problems getting it all in key. Oh and I decided to try and re-edit the Focker track rather than just play it straight. BLah Blah BLah  I hope you enjoy it!

Music from Final Fight on the Amiga
Dan Le Sac - 'Look for the Woman' (Fake Blood Remix)
LadyHawke - 'Paris Is Burning' (Peaches Remix)
The Proxy - 'Ready To Watching'
Bodzin and Huntemann - 'Rubin'
Popof - 'Alcoolic'
Say Wut - 'NFL Ho'
MIA - 'XR'2 (Just the drums)
Dj Sega - 'Bodies Hit The Floor'
Oxia - 'Domino'
Rekorder - 'Rekorder 00'
Memphis Bleak - 'Is That your chick'
Crookers and Boy 8-Bit - 'The Crow'
Late of The Pier - Focker (Boy 8-Bit Re-edit)
Alan Silvestri - Robot Romp (From Flight of the Navigator)
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