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mad decent worldwide radio #27 - Diplo live on UK pirate radio wassup world innit!
this is diplo live on the radio in s.e. london
i wanna say its on a pirate station cause its some low wat hole in the wall thing ..
but its actually sponsored by diesel and they have a short license or some crap..
but YO
i interviewed blaqstarr.. took requests (for black lips remixes from pekham) and ate a meal during my set (the second hour was really drawn out and crappy)
but eventually i got back in the groove and started to tear it up the last 15 minutes with some wierd music.
but its all live even whil I was eatin (notice mad shitty mixes I did)
sorry for the lag - we got mad podcast this summer.. Egon from stones throw.. Boy 8 bit.. New orleans revisted to name a few
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