Mad Decent Worldwide Radio
mad decent worldwide radio #23 - Introducing Dj sega and the brick bandits i met dj sega at his weekly party at Jamz skating rink.. i gotta say didnt know what tha fuck was going on in that place. something likea bunch of under 18 yr old black kids dressed kinda nu rave listening to hardcore party music and making up dances.. i had no idea this stuff was happenin right here in philly..  Now we just signed up sega to do this Hollertronix number 8 and its kinda got me thinking like how the hell did this kid from the bricks out in West Philly decide to make mudvayne and drowning pool remixes with lil jon samples.. thats just a snippet of what the brick bandit crew is up to.. this mix goes over his whole crews sound - the crew ranges between philly and newark , NJ- the brick bandits... tameil, mike v, tim dolla among others are murdering it right now. its not just a bmore thing - we got the video podcast coming next to show u how nuts it all is