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mad decent worldwide radio #17 - high school hyphy if you dont know about the rap scene in the bay area.. your kinda lost, according to the the ìtell me when to goî video.. its a proper subculture, they got ghost riding whips, shaking dreads, vans with mac dre pictures on em... and cuddies say wee or something.. its crazy though and while it hasnt been able to crack the mainstream, its totally infected all the kids from sacremento to like whatever all of california..(i did a birthday party in LA and everyone screamed for ìsomething hyphy!î) but heres a comp that just came out ìin school suspensionî thats out on itunes.. thats all made by kids still under grade 12!  Lots of whispering and fingersnaps and myspace... plus I want to get bass drums sound like that, must be a class you gotta take.
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