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mad decent worldwide radio #16 - made in Israel I got invited to play in tel aviv about 2 years ago and i didnt think much of it at the time... but it ended up being one of the top 3 shows I had ever 700 kids showed up and i did about 3 hours of everything from dubstep and roots and culture to techno and some tongue and cheek trance drops and the people were with me the whole time. the opening djs - polar pair had just released a 12 on tru thoughts and were mixing inst and acapellas from ying yang twins to massive attack like i was in downtown brooklyn 2 years later... it was advanced and mad.. All i knew from Israeli music was like .... infected mushroom and tiesto... who both hold it down. but psytrance wasnt really my thing.
besides that , tel aviv is a beach city where you can find smoking hookas on the beach and ethiopian kids with sunbleached hair jumpin off rocks all day.  its far from the day to day violence that is published and for the most part its a secular city with Arab neighborhoods mixed in and around.. but what i didnt expect on my second visit last month, was to find the music scene still exploding. i went to a bar at 2am to hear Hebrew baile funk tracks and then to a dubstep party filled with .. gasp girls at another bar a few streets out..(this is the day after a national holiday) so I can only imagine how it is around there on the real nights.

so my boy from soulico was djing one of these bars playin mad stuff and he droped the mix by with some demos as well
here is the info

Soulico Presents:Made in Israel
   Compiled by:sabbo,wido,rob,shimmy sonic(soulico)
1)No groove where i come from-Kutiman (Sabbo Remix)
2)Check it Baby-Sabbo *
3)Pitum Banu-Soulico Feat.Axum (wido remix) *
4)Summer comes-Ronit (Sabbo&Kuti Prod.)
5)Lijadu Tribute-Idan K *
6)Hapiness-Karolina (Sabbo&Kuti Prod.) *
7)Music is ruling my world-Kutiman (Sabbo&Kuti DJ edit)
8)You know my name-Polar Pair Feat.Talisman *
9)Come Back-Sabbo Feat.Onili *
10)Naarot Halivoy-Naarot Halivoy(Sabbo&Kuti Prod.)
11)Bo be Easy-Axum(Sabbo Prod.) *
12)Darbukaton-Wido *
13)Lazooz-Tomer Yosef (Sabbo&Kuti Remix) *
14)Margish Levad-Wido *
15)Tabasco-Laroz Feat.Peled
16)No.1-Shabak S(Shimmy sonic remix) *
17)Love stoned-Oren barzilay(Shimmy sonic prod.) *
18)DamDam-Aris San(Shimmy sonic remix)
19)Kazablan Break(Sabbo&Rob)*    


shout out to Talisman (from polar pair) for throwing a fundraiser for the palestinian refugees that have been under extreme circumstances since the Hamas/Fatah conflicts.
anyway this isnít a political post, just a culturally significant happenin music scene that im seeing out there
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