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mad decent worldwide radio #15 - cant forget j. dilla like any self respecting hip hop fan, iím completely obsessed with Jay D.. the hip hop producer from detroit that is every producers favorite producer (he was actually hip hop incarnate) ... he died last year - feb 10th, and i cant even say how tragic it was for our generations musical landscape.... you will figure that out in time.

Dj soul just did an exclusive mini mix for mad decent radio, because I just wanted to keep people out there  knowing he was one of the reasons we do any of the things we do over at mad decent .. and i can do a dilla mix every 2 weeks for gods sake

and check out the incredible assorted donuts mix soul has done, and big huge propers goes to soul for taking part in the Dilla project walk for lupus 2 weeks back in detroit

but we are back on the horse form a long hiatus and expect more regular updates over here...
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