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mad decent worldwide radio #14 - dj blaqstarr - ‘IM BANGIN’ yeah ,,, blaqstarr "supastarr" Ep just got released by mad decent ....... if you like our radio, then support our label.
blaqstarr is a fixture in baltimore. if you didnt know the evolution of the club sound in baltimore, then turning on 92q on a weekday drive time and hearing "get my gun" or "feel it in the air" (on a commercial black radio station) might freak you the fuck out .. it comes out of nowhere, and blaqstarrs sound has taken over the city.. (especially if your under 20) check rocking off or spongebob or wu-tangin on youtube... cause its about 600,000 videos that kids made to blaqstarrs city wide anthems.. wait til you see the EPk we just made at an all ages dance..............
anyway . this mix is mad wierd, loud and scary and still kinda pretty in parts. kinda like baltimore
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