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mad decent worldwide radio #12 - the land of milk and honey with james brown james brown died on christmas, and I couldnít do any more podcasts til we did it about him.
cause james brown gave birth to this podcast and he gave birth to everything in modern music  - nothing is the same after he was here and now heís gone and I feel bad for people in heaven that have to rewind through his life cause it must be pretty damn nuts. This mix of JB songs and production credits is under 30 minutes and I thought I was listenin to it for 3 days before it ended.

Mix was done by cosmo baker.. heís a true hero to me.
i used to go to fluid on monday nights to check cosmo at his party called remedy.. it was on fuckin monday nights and it was packed thick and cosmo would drop his signature style of hip hop and classics and wierd stuff no one would expect but would turn it out.. i recognized cosmo as that dude from the on the go video that was in 9th st records and bought funk inc and mccoy tyner lps for like a dollar (that was crazy staged cause I know that dude behind the counter was mad cheap!)  .. at the remedy I saw everyone form phil the soulman to cash money to  mf doom to Dj drama up in there playing... i even slipped pharell a copy of newsflash on 12î on a monday
so JB gave birth to everything in modern music then cosmo was a dude that gave birth to djs like me. I  had to ask him to do this mix cause he was a more then a mentor .. his james brown science is like mr wizard... as you can listen

thees days cosmo is killing it as a member the RUB in BK and doing loads of parties from calgary to tel aviv on the weekends so i suggest you go to see him play or you will lose a little bit of your soul

Apollo Intro
People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul
The Boss
Hot Hot Hot (I Need To Be Loved)
Just Enough Room For Storage
Message To The Soul Sisters (Marva Whitney)
Take Some Leave Some
Soul man (Sweet Charles)
Pass The Peas (The JBs)
Mr. Hot Pants AKA Cross The Tracks Pt. 2 (The Believers)
Talking Loud & Sayin' Nothing
Blues & Pants
You Can Have Your Watergate Just Gimme Some Bucks & I'll Be Straight
Don't Tell It
Blind Man Can't See It (Unreleased alternate version)
If You Don't Love Me You Don't Respect Me (Lyn Collins)
Funky President
Honkey Tonk Popcorn (Bill Doggett)
More Peas (The JBs)
Can I Get Some Help
Hot Pants Road (The JBs)
I Got Ants In My Pants And I Need To Dance
Ain't It Funky Pt. 1
Don't Do Drugs Public Service Announcement (Bobby Byrd)
I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothin'
I Want To Be In The Land Of Milk & Honey (Marva Whitney)