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mad decent worldwide radio #11 - it began in africa... then came back and got mad weird  (kuduro)
whats really boa..
i met a bunch of angolan dudes under the lapa arches in Rio  in 2005, they were studyin from luanda and had on crazy red black fist and sickle soccer jerseys (the angolan colors) but instead of some sort of soccer ball images it was just a black fist and a turntable and said kuduristas... i didnt even ask what the f**k that meant but I tried to buy the shirt and they almost beat me up.
angolans in brazil have a
fast forward 1 and a half years and im in Lisbon djing a festival with my man dj marlboro from RIo and Buraka som systema (the local heros) .. i tell you , it was pretty bad for me... BSS took the stage and had the whole crowd had reached some type of higher state of conciousness and massive attack (playin on the main stage) asked the promotors to shut our tent down (shook ones!).. so 2 hours late - marlboro equally tore it up and then finally I had to go on in the postponed 5am slot! wtf.. my flight was at 7:30... was kinda wack .. i think hot chip had to wake me up at the airport cause kids were stealing my luggage.
  ..But at the BSS show i swear it was the first time I recorded like 15 minutes of video with my cellphone and even after it died I sat there and still tried to record with it sittin the air.. this sound was a monster and it got every Portugese kid in the crowd on their knees then hoppin up and down and i was even proud to be Angolan!
    I met Petty (lead singer of BSS) and she was wearing havianas with the brasillian flag substituyed with the angolan flag.. a kinda of symbol of how self realized the music is....
shout out to my melhor homies, Kalaf, Lil Joao, and Conduter for showing me around lisbon, breaking down the kuduro and makin a crazy MAD ILL silLY remix for bonde do role thats out next month...... and I see you egg foo (holiday mix comin up next)
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