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mad decent worldwide radio #10 - from the bronx river housing projects to the rest of the galaxy Zulu nation celebrates its 26th anniversary this week, me and zulu nation... weíre both scorpios, nearly the same age.
Bronx in 1981... what the f**k was goin on here..?!?!?
A subculture that redefined world culture .. imploded in the poorest parts of New York city.. heres a lil peek into the wierd world of this scene..
WHBI, NEWARK, 105.?.....
Afrika Islam is known as the son of Bambaataa, not for real but he followed the legacy and he held it down on the air in Newark radio at 1 am wednesday nights.. (where this mix is from).. its rough cut from cassette tape -  eclectic unknown breaks, funk, electronic, rock music chopped together .. like a random symphony for kids of hi energy.. its almost spooky to hear just the bare essentials of what we mastered as producers today.. breakbeats, sparse vocals, or horns or guitars chopped in and out.. this is what we deal with today but back then kids just made it all live with a lot of random records they studied.
Islam was a staple party dj in early 80ís in nyc.. one of the dudes to really cross over with the down town scene and still stay street and shout out all the gangs in harlem and brooklyn.. he then went on to produce most of Ice Tís first record in LA. then like most zulu dudes had to like move to germany when hip hop went crazy with puffy and stuff..
The first time I heard ìits just begunì by jimmy castor was at a warehouse in Tennessee when i was like 15. These kids would bring boomboxes and breakdance on the marble floor. It was the second wave of hip hop culture that went through the midwest mostly on  freight trains covered in spray paint, and raves... but we had as much passion as the first b boys.. just mad late- actually I think by then early nineties like Germans and Lithuanians were winning all the breakdance contests anyway.. but that whole s**t changed my life. When i heard the Jimmy castor song and saw kids dancing to it i thought it really did mean something... like the revolution was about to begin.
maybe it did. I started painting on the trailors parked on the 2 lane highway by house when the were building mattress barns and new Shoneyís diners..  I know now how wack mini malls are, But white trailors, trains, mud and fences at night was like all i day dreamed about in the day besides this girl that worked at the donut shop..  so maybe I was part of a revolution?
If you want to read up on ZULU
Davey D pretty much broke it down here
its pretty mindblowing how big this s**t is and what it really means..
i mean damn,to say ì if people  focused energy on creativity instead of crimeî sounds like something Nancy Reagan would say... but thats exactly what happened and it turned out to redefine the world.. I always say that i do what i do cause of bambaataa and ZULU.. but its really true.