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lots of buzz on juke at the moment. havin a bit of avant garde wierdness and UK releases on planet Mu.. cool raw stuff.. but it doesnt get much rawer thatn JIT/ getto tech.. its bigger bro from detroit.. its been a sound that has developed from the old techno days and has been driven pretty far underground for years.. u might know dj assault and his wierd vocals and breakbeat tracks.. but this scene is still thriving and godfather is just that... a sort of gofather of the scene . hes been keeping it alive on Detriot radio for years and lets us know with this new mix that its still goin hard..




1. Scooby Snacks- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
2. Drop That Thang Down- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
3. If u ain't jukin'- DJ Spin- Juke Trax 
4. A Legend- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
5. Shake That Juicy Shit (Andrew Red Hand Remix)- Sixfoe- Databass Records 
6. Get down on the floor- DJ Rashad- Juke Trax 
7. Days Of 92'- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
8. Bang, Bang- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
9. I.O.U. Jit- DJ Guy- Global Fire 
10. Wild Wild Get Buck- DJ Rashad- Juke Trax 
11. Sounds Of The City- DJ Nasty- Motor City Electro Company 
12. When I Hit- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
13. Get Freaky- Mister Ries- Databass Records 
14. Makin' Me Hot- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
15. Get Like Me (DJ Clent's West Bound I-94 Mix)- DJ Knowledge- Databass Records 
16. Take It Off- Typhonic- Databass Records 
17. Lay It Down- DJ Nephets- Databass Records 
18. Enjoy The Moment (DJ Godfather Remix)- 609 (Six-O-Nine)- Databass Records 
19. Booty Mover- DJ Deeon- Databass Records 
20. Databass L.I.V.E.- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
21. Make That Back Drop (Feat. DJ Slugo)- Kill Frenzy- Juke Trax 
22. Bounce N' Break- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
23. DO THE DAM THANG- Sixfoe- Databass Records 
24. Suck Da Blood Feat. DJ Rashad- Lil Mz 313- Databass Records 
25. Gotta Work- Typhonic- Databass Records 
26. Girls Bust Down- DJ Rashad- Juke Trax 
27. Jaws- DJ X-Change- Databass Records 
28. Buggin On Da Flo (Part2)- DJ Phiene- Databass Records 
29. The Alpha- DJ Godfather- Databass Records 
30. Sittin' Pretty- DUB- Six Foe- Databass Records 
33. Decreased Population- DJ Godfather- Databass Records


Hit up to grab all the tracks listed in this mix and you can get ahold of Godfather direct at .

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