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Back in the fall of '08, Dave Nada dropped a mix for MDWWR titled "Love In This Bmore Club", highlighting the softer side of what was at the time, the driving force in club music. Bmore club was every DJ's best friend, allowing you to transition into anything from Nu Metal to new wave at the drop of a hat. 6 Years and a million soundcloud bootlegs later, Jersey club kids along with some help from a few talented Norwegians, are carrying the flag for a new generation, creating hyper club friendly renditions of everything from Bill Withers to Bobby Smurda. We thought it would be rad to have Dave Nada return, this time bringing along his party-starting wife Jen Lasher, for another round of sexy time jams highlighting the best Jersey club has to offer.

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Paris born, Miami-bred DZA is back with another Mad Decent mix, this time it's Rap N Bullshit. DZA, the founder and resident dj of downtown Miami's legendary weekly hip-hop party, Peachfuzz, solidifies his unofficial title of Miami's underground hip-hop ambassador with new exclusives from Eskeerdo, B. Way, Steven A. Clark and more... Some familiar voices stop by to bullshit with DZA, with drops from Sir Michael Rocks, Denzel Curry, and Diplo.

Rap and Bullshit Intro

Curtis williams- Automatic
Sir Mikey Rocks- Memo
Sdotbraddy ft Curtis Williams, Robb Bank$, Denzel Curry and Mikey Rocks- Can’t Tell Me Shit (remix)
Eskeerdo- Uncle Luc
Little Pain ft Jelz Much- Love Tears
Curtis Williams ft Robb Bank$- Bare Essentials
Denzel Curry- Denny Cascade
Denzel/Mikey Rocks Skit
J Nics- Anna
Isiah Rashad- RIP Kevin Miller
Drake- Too Much
James Blake- Life Round Here
Steven A Clark- Just Ride
SZA- Euphraxia
Jhene Aiko- Burning Man 3:16
Aluna George- Diver
Drake- Come Thru
Robb Bank$- HeartBreaker
Yung Simmie- Lean with the Sprite
Mr Alexis- FVLL!NG 
Kilo Kish- Give it 2 you
Aluna George- Friends to lovers
B.Way- Never Fails
Nik SB- O. (dose)
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MDWWR #82 Drankenstein Lace & Lean 2: The Afterlife

Well, Bird Peterson had another one left in him. After killing the dirty south monster known simply as Drankenstein, Mr. Peterson went to heaven to see what he was up to. As it turns out, Drankenstein was burning in the darkest depths of hell. And by burning, I mean setting the young devils and devilettes hearts a flutter with a brand new collection of simultaneous forward and backward time machine treats. Here's round two of his acclaimed "Lace & Lean" edition. Enjoy!

Down To Love You Down
Uncle Kels & Them Club Freaks
Much Much Closer
If This Boat's Rockin...
Tell'm Girl
Freak Mo Betta'
How Do They Do That?
Busted For Realsies (A Tribute To The Greatest Song Ever Recorded)

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In celebration of James "J Dilla" Yancey's 40th birthday, 
House Shoes presents the first half of the follow up to his 
critically acclaimed "The King James Version" mix, paying 
tribute to one of, if not the best producer in hip-hop's history
by strolling through some more of the records that were mined 
by Dilla for his productions. From jazz, to soul, to moog and 
electronica and more, this mix serves as a reminder to show how 
broad the range of music that inspired him was. Taken from all original vinyl. No youtube rips. No mp3s. None of that bulllshit.

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"Trap Music" was all the rage with the kids in 2013, but what about the grown-ups?  Now all you Trill Dads and Twerkin' Moms can join in on the fun with the Parent Trap mixtape! It's time to Grown and Trappy as DJ Ayres mixes the biggest and best in adult contemporary electronic trap music, including music by Diplo, Miguel, Keys N Krates, Ryan Hemsworth, RL Grime, The Rub, Sinjin Hawke & Just Blaze.  Mad Decent Worldwide Radio - we're twerkin' all the mollies!

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Continuing with the festive spirit Of A Very Decent Christmas, this month's mix will make you feel some type of way for the holidays. We found this early present from DJ Excel, Scratch Makaniks turntablist and Alfa Paare producer. These 72 minutes of classic Xmas songs are put together tighter than Macy's gift wrap, complete with all the scratches and tricks, and even a drop from old St. Nick. Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Just in time for Halloween and to kick off the dead rising of Mad Decent World Wide Radio, check out this creepy and moody mix of synth soundtracks. This is the perfect mix to scare the crap out of kids coming to your door.  Dave Fogg is the XS nightclub resident DJ for our MAD DECENT MONDAYS monthly party in Vegas. He teams up with our own artist/producer Derek "DJA" Allen to crack open their collective stash of synthesized selections.  Giallo thrillers, tech noir, avant garde vampires, and heroic bloodshed are just some of the movies represented here. The tracks range from rare to recent and fans of prog rock will also find some nice pieces of candy in there.

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1.     The Beginning- John Murphy from 28 DAYS LATER

2.     Waiting Room/Flashbacks- Michel Rubini & Denny Jaeger from THE HUNGER

3.     Telescope- Pino Donaggio from BODY DOUBLE

4.     801 A/B- Howard Shore from VIDEODROME

5.     Jennifer’s Friends (Alternate Version)- Goblin from PHENOMENA

6.     Driving Theme- Antoni Maiovvi from YELLOW

7.     Lone Wolf’s Theme- Mark Lindsey and W. Michael Lewis from SHOGUN ASSASSIN

8.     Resurrection- Power Glove from FAR CRY 3: BLOOD DRAGON

9.     In The Death Cell (Love Theme Reprise)- Queen from FLASH GORDON

10.  Haunted Piano- Rob from MANIAC

11.  Terminator Arrival- Brad Fiedel from THE TERMINATOR

12.  Force Marker-Brian Eno from HEAT

13.  Mitternacht-Kraftwerk from MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE

14.  Title Music from A Clockwork Orange- Wendy Carlos from A CLOCKWORK ORANGE

15.  Videophonic-Edgar Froese from KAMIKAZE

16.  To The Bridge- Giorgio Moroder from CAT PEOPLE

17.  Final Confrontation- Harold Faltermeyer from THIEF OF HEARTS

18.  Walk To Lighthouse-John Carpenter from THE FOG

19.  Fight At Dawn (Instrumental)- Tangerine Dream from NEAR DARK

20.  Face To Face-Keith Emerson from NIGHTHAWKS

21.  Gun- Mark Isham from THE HITCHER

22.  Engel der Luft- Popol Vuh from FITZCARRALDO


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What is system d-128? is it a man, a machine, a monster, a movie?

Its a pseudonym created by Brian Torres Korlofsky also known as his high school nickname Duey FM. The idea of the name system d-128 comes from his father's colorful and futuristic looking blank vhs tapes that were used to record many television programs,
examples of blank video cassettes are: TDK Avilyn T-120, Polaroid Supercolor T-160, Maxell Epitaxial E-180. System d-128 is a dj, an avid film and record collector, a producer, a director & editor to name a few of his skills, not to mention he has worked off & on with Diplo/Mad Decent since the 1st recordings and videos. This mix is a combination of rare records, awesome music, movie soundtracks, layers of sounds, multi genre's/tempo's and recordings from the unknown.


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Episode IV, A NEW HOPE It is a period of love & war. Rebel DJs, striking from a hidden base in Philadelphia, have won their first victory against the evil Brostep Empire. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire's ultimate weapon, the DERP STAR, an armored space station with filthy enough drops to destroy an entire planet. Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, Princess Luvstep races home aboard her starship, custodian of the stolen plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy.

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Major Lazer present Carnival 2012 Mix • Hosted by Walshy Fire


2. RDX-Jump (Major Lazer Dub)
3. Swappi-Bubble On A DJ
4. Vybz Kartel-Half On A Baby (Dubble Dutch Remix)
5. Vybz Kartel-Bubble Hard
6. Busy Signal-How You Bad So
7. Ele-Wine Pon (Major Lazer)
8. Mrs. Dynamite-Sweat Thru (Diplo)
9. Mr. Vegas-Bruk It Down (Walshy Fire x So Shifty Remix)
10. Popcaan-Body Good (So Shifty Remix)
11. Skit-Guyana Rude Boy
12. Busy-Doggystyle (Schlachthofbronx)
13. Vybz Kartel-Wire Fence
14. Mr. Vegas-Tun Up
15. Vybz Kartel Ft Tina Nunnezz-Bubble
16. Loudspeaker-Machel Montano-Go Down (Dre Skull)
17. Loudspeaker-Popcaan-The System
19. Inches-Jiggle It
20. Mr. G-Jiggle It
21. No Doubt - Settle Down (Major Lazer Remix)
22. Popcaan-Party Shot (Major Lazer x Etc Etc Remix)
23. Konshens-Gal A Bubble (Major Lazer Dub)
24. Busy- Boomayay (Major Lazer x Flexican)
26. 5D Riddim Zeke Don - Eye
27. 5D Riddim Dejavu - Tec Da Touch Ya
28. 5D Riddim Dilly Chris - Me Know You Waa Me
29. 5D Rddim Shantwa - Fabulocious
30. 5D Riddim Cilon - One More Time
31. Baby Cham-Drop It
32. Popcaan - So bad (adde remix)
33. So BAd Riddim-Vybz Kartel-GI WEH DI PUM PUM (Yung Vibez)
34. So BAd Riddim-TOMMY LEE-SOME BWOY (Yung Vibez)
35. So BAd Riddim-Vybz Kartel-WE NEVER FEAR DEM (Yung Vibez)
36. Kling Klang Riddim-Suku-Mad Sumaddy (Dre Skull)
37. Kling Klang Riddim-Popcaan-So We Do It (Dre Skull)
38. Kling Klang Riddim-Beenie Man-Super Model (Dre Skull)
39. Kling Klang Riddim-Tifa-Champion Bubbler (Dre Skull)
40. Vybz Kartel - Beat up di pussy (Adde remix)
41. Charly Black-BUBBLING PARTY
42. Potential Kid-Yah So Nice (Walshy Fire Dub)
43. Movado ft Chipmunk-More Money More Gyal
44. Bassline Riddim-Busy Signal-CYAAN BELIEVE(BUBBLE UP) (Di Genius)
45. Bassline Riddim-Assassin-WISH BAD (Di Genius)
46. Bassline Riddim-Sean Paul-FIND IT (Di Genius)
47. Bassline Riddim-Aidonia-BAD INNA DANCE (Di Genius)
48. Bassline Riddim-Mavado-I SWEAR (Di Genius)
49. CROWD RESPONSE Riddim -Vybz Kartel-WAH YUH (Don Corleon)
50. CROWD RESPONSE Riddim-Popcaan-ME A DI MAN (Don Corleon)
51. Popcaan-FRY YIY
52. Busy Signal - TIL IT BUCK
53. Busy Signal-Wine Deh Shot
54. Bling Dawg- Anyweh
55. Skit-Bumboclot
56. Popcaan-Get Gyal Easy
57. Backway-Bounty Killa ft Cecile-RIDE (Mad House)
58. BackWay-Baby Cham-BACK WAY (Mad House)
59. Daseca-Konshens-A SO ME TAN
60. Tun Up-Baby Cham featuring O-TUN UP
61. D.A. ft Supa Dups-Too Cool Featuring Vybz Kartel
62. Skit-Zimboo
63. Schlachthofbronx-Dickie Riddim
64. Mavado Dubstep-Undah Yuh Skirt (Zeds Dead)

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