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mad decent worldwide radio # 8 - back in the day (in the favela) Pitbull sound is one of the premier funk carioca dj crews in Rio..
up there with Big mix, furacao 2000, Pipos... and even Soul grand prix way back when they played soul still at baile funks .. Sany played a party I put together in Prazeres.. its a favela high up near corcovado (where the big jesus from micheal jacksons video stays at!)  its probably the highest favela in all of Brazil. If you know my podcast ,, you probably know the drill with Brazillian funk music..
The sounds range from vocal melody, syncopated portugese rhymes.. 5 or 6 extremely overused Samples (pavorati organ hits, rocky theme (chopped to hell), old school miami bass vocal stabs, Dire straghts ìbrother at armsî shows up all the time, Euro techno samples.. and most importantly samba drums (tamberzao, batidao) patterned in an electro rhythm...melody is missing, and repetition is the key..  Dj style is similliar to a dancehall sound in Jamaica.. lyrics are blended by many artists over the same rhythm.. the tempo never changes..... the sound is kinda blowing up worldwide..
    But it started somewhere... (that what this special edition is about!) miami bass gave birth to this strange baby in brazil,  And the Djís ruled the streets, and built the culture between freestyle, bass, house music and
samba in the early 90ís
   Sany did a special mix for mad decent to launch his own carioca funk clube website and podcast ... YOU never hear carioca Djs put it down like this .. Sany had to dig out his actual turntables for this! they stay on the cdj 100 down there!
ITS rio funk party sound track circa 1990..  the first time kids were rapping in portugese over the funk beats.... he puts it out there .. the classics (you got to start with SPRING LOVE!) The musical history told here reflects the first phase of funk, turning from the international influences to a brazilian party, from a inside DJ point of view (don't expect sweet famous standarts, but the rare original dirty PARTY BOOSTERS that made the trick from gringo to ghetto)
you can still catch Sany in Rio 5 nights a week in the clubs and favela bailes. / ITS CRAZY

††††for RIO parties and European dates

01-various - megamix gringo oldskool,
02-various - brazilian oldskool medley,
03-sampa crew - melÙ da professora,
04-carlos alberto e adilson ribeiro - melÙ do coelhinho,
05-2live crew/abdulah - melÙ da mulher feia,
06-bardeux/willian e duda - rap da morena,
07-disco rick - funk mama,
08-danda e tafarel - rap do festival,
09-marlboro medley (tamborz„o remix)

Thanks Sany and Pitti....

Angola expats next.....   ( I see you petty! )
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mad decent worldwide radio # 7 - paris is burned hey hey . mad podcasts coming up..sorry for the delay.. but got my laptop jacked in sao pualo by varig airlines ... and since france whooped their asses in world cup , I thought id go there to see whatís good. and it turns out to be a lot of stuff.   Paris has the nuttiest underground for club music.... no filler or poppy stuff. just dirty nasty disco with a hip hop sensibility, and its hurting us.  Ed Banger records is one lable (shout out to TTC, institubes, arcade mode, clark mag etc...) cause its all goin down,, but i thought Id big up one of my favorite places to play records and let them tell t how it is.. shout out to uffie and feadz (gradmaster feadz guest dj for this one), And Busy P (pedro winter) lays down how it all got this crazy.

dont know the tracklistin but its all ed bangerness
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mad decent worldwide radio # 6 - 4 day weekend happiness mix Thanks for all the good now that lost is over im gonna start to lock down these motherfuckin podcasts like what .. up coming we got the Paris edition that explains what the f**k is happenin there!!!>!??!?! justice, TTC, uffie, mehdi,... huh Arcade mode, ed banger!>!>!>! its just too mad.
we got the most gangster Cumbia ever out of north side of argentina (gaugito gil I see you homie), M.I.A live in Trinidad.. whoa! and then some other crazy stuff..
im just busy right now trying to whoop this MAD DECENT tour up into shape - 25 dates all over the USA this summer..................
so this is it . I fell off and made this super random mix that just is completely a mess. it has the most fascinating music ive heard in the last couple months.. just for being so out of place from aboriginal middleschool hip hop , to ëdo the Frog Backí from Jamaica.... and also featuring uffie and hot chip and ali G (for no good reason)
next episode will be official
backandji boys - down river
Dear Nora & Casiotone For The Painfully Alone- hot boyz
uffie - pop the glock (sebastien mix)
Sofisticated riddim
 Vybz - rich rich rich
 Busy Signal - no good solution
Cool Chris and Marvin - frog back (frog dutty wind)
Cassie - me & U inst
macka - mr teki back accapella
Hot Chip - Kids with guns remix
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mad decent worldwide radio # 5 - new orleans aint dead, its just got a limp Theres not  place in America more strange than New Orleans, Louisiana, If it was mad before the storm but now its just plane insane.. but in a good way.  if you travel here from the outside, its gonna seem like  whole nother country.
And as far as music goes (in case you didnt know) . . the mississippi delta is the birthplace of most types of modern american music.  Hip hop mighta been born in the bronx, but then it was reinvented in New Orleans.. the krunk we get today playlisted all over the country might have Atlanta in a headlock, but the blueprint was laid out in New Orleans.. Its origins are in bounce music and its still there; its actually having a rejuvenation since there little more to look forward to besides dancing these days.
anyway i never felt more affection for an city like I got it for new orleans, and even though some parts still looks like a nuclear bomb got dropped, its got all the character that you can expect with a city so rich in culture and history
partners in crime - block party
da sha ra - bootin up
dj jubilee - monkey on the stick
triggerman - drag rap
chris gotti - cut it up
5th ward weebie - f**k katrina
mary j blige - without you (new orleans remix)
toni braxton - please (remix)
tpain - im in love with a stripper (remix)
dj jimmy - where they at girl
hot boy ronald - walk like ronald
rebirth brass band ft souljah slim - you dont want to go to war

mad decent worldwide radio # 4 - easter jelly bean mix tonight imma trabalho in prazeres here in Rio de jeniero.
 and here is my little mix i made before I go.. i might not  make it home! - no its not that serious.. but we are filming a mad party tonight that i sponsored with sany from pitbull sound .. i am on a bill with mr, catra, sapao, duda, and deie tigrona no doubt.
playin music in a favela aint easy.. (eespecially as a gringo) its like a real different language even if you know the funk hits the music kids like out there aint your average radio tracks,  lots of ìillegalî tracks must get played or your gonna get the gong show....
anyway. next week some more special s**t..
this week we got exclusives and an interview with the one and only MC gringo. Heís now jumpin the charts here in rio with a wierd ode to the way gringos and crackers from elsewhere dance to the brazillian music.. (or any music i think)
christina millan/ young jeezy - say I
e -40/ m.i.a. - tell me when to go
c.s.s. - jay-lo
gnarles barkley - crazy
smash riddim (ele, tonto maryjuana, turbulence, busy, etc.)
sneez riddim - vybz, busy.....
teddy bears - diplo remix
nossa - this s**t is bananas
hassan - pump up the party dub
mc gringo - danca do gringo
sebastien tellier - la ritournelle (metronomy mix)
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mad decent worldwide radio # 3 - merenmamboton In buenos aires,  theres a strong but small dominican and cuban immigrant community.... sometime they get some tapes and music sent to them from back home on the islands....
i was like huh.... what the f#*@ is this..  
anyway... check out the underground santo domingo via argentina
 (next week we interview mc gringo, and got some special guest djs)

noche de travesura - el omega
drink - el omega
moreno mix- morena negro
pao - primier imperio
el bueno - dj sticky
money money - merenbay
cutty cutty - ?
oye mi canto beat
corvasier - dj blade
vybz kartel - politics time
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Live from Petropolis via Puerto Rico, Luanda and Curitiba
hey hey.. this is number two . sorry . we gonna try and be quicker but its crazy here in Rio.. guns go missing and police go to war with poor people and then i get kicked out of my apt and i got no internet access..  but heres a random mix. next week live from argentina cumbia scene (who knows whats good there) this one has some exlusives ..... pay attention
(thanks to dj sandrino, dj edgar, man recordings, catchdubs, dj gorky, lovefoxxx, counterfeet recordings, mr. catra, radioclit, interscope records, dj benzi and nossa)

demon - i need a gun (day room philly)
yyy gold lion (mad decent remix)
leftside and esco - tuck in ya belly
young jeezy trap star
calle 13 - japon
plan b - freakitona
ojalai - calle 13 and some other important dude
dj nkufa - brinca dera
lovefoxxx break 1
dj? - garina tarracha
luanda blast - o puro kudru de
dj znobia - wakimono
soca24 - thelma
eduk - funkeiroblu
dj sandrino - melo do nirvana
edgar - melo do dlite
bonde do role - role theme
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ok here is the reissue of mad decent radio... its about to become official from now on.. had to buy a new computer and basically restart it all... but now its gonna go down on a regular basis and we are goin to hold it down..
this is the first episode . it explains the roots of baltimore club from the real dudes out there doin it (not aaron lacrate.. hes a phony.. holla!) ha but really... lets not get political and shit, holla! big shout out to bmore. they are doing it really huge right now.
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